How to Submit Artwork?

Add Bleed. This is the most common mistake when submitting artwork. Bleed is the part that gets trimmed off after printing). Also Refer to Blog

For your Info:

Above are the dimensions for common sizes. We can also do custom sizes.

A print ready PDF is best

Provide to us via email, or if too big send via one of the online file sender (such as "")

...or simply put on a memory stick and drop in.

1.) You can do art in RGB but a more accurate representation of colour will be CMYK. Some colours change a lot from RGB to CMYK.

2.) A PDF is usually best if it is flattened and fonts turned to curves or outlines (dependant on software used).

If all this is too hard dont panic, just send what you have got.

We may be able to fix any minor issues at no charge.
However, if we have to spend a fair bit of time, naturally extra charges will apply.

If you cannot do your own art or do not have the time then we can do it for you.
When we do artwork we need to know:

1. What size card, leaflet do you want?

2. What colours do you prefer?

3. What wording do you require. (if you can type this into an email and send, this will save a lot of time. We can then lay it up properly and send a proof to you).

4. Do you have any logos or graphics you want included that you can provide? (If not we can design it).

If your job is folded the  information below may help you.

The different fold types are shown below.

Note: a Roll Fold has fold positions shown below for an A4. "Z" fold has even fold positions (at 99 mm for A4).


Follow these steps to save yourself money when getting something printed.

1. Artwork: Where you are doing artwork make sure to use the help above to ensure it is correct prior to print. 

2. If you receive a proof back, print a sample, it is easier to check rather than on the screen. (or get somebody else to check also).

3. Where we do art for you, supply as much detail as possible so it is clear, the less time we spend is money you save.

4. Product Suitable for Purpose:-The following is cheaper - Black & white, print one side, thinner paper/card, smaller size and unfolded

5. The quantity is cheaper per item the more you order, however do not over order, (if you are not going to distribute all). Think carefully.

6. Request better quality (heavier stock) items only on something that may be kept for a longer time, eg Business cards, Calendars, Booklets, or smaller quantities (small quantities makes little difference in price no matter what stock you choose).

7. Traps when Ordering Online:- We find a lot more than half the art files submitted to us have errors, we do our best to check prior to print.

8. Some other online print companies do charge extra to check your file prior to print, (to make sure it is press ready).

9. Really cheap specials for small quantities are available by some companies, (however this can be a lure). Be careful when ordering larger quantities from them as you will often find they are much more expensive. So don't automatically assume they are always cheap.

10. If something goes wrong with an online order ....its all over. The advantage with us, we are online and personally also accessible so you know what you get.

11. Free Software alternatives are available to do your art:- No need to use expensive software where free ones are available, Refer to Blog.

12. Refer to our Specials:- Updates will be made on this page on a regular basis to save you more

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